BMW K1200R

Well the Hornet has been finished for several months now. I have bought a spare subframe for my K1200R, as I plan on turning it into a single-seater. I’ve had the subframe scanned, and I’m trying to master some 3D software to help with the design phase.

My priority at the moment is the Kawasaki… I’ll get back to this build when time permits. Please keep an eye out for updates.



While the Kwaka is getting painted, I decided to install a Healtech quickshifter. It ended up being more than a 1 hour job!


Great fun once installed! Really good product.

A video made on on one of the rides with Kev.



9 thoughts on “BMW K1200R

  1. Hi there! I wanna start my k75 project. Do you have any links on your speedometer? Thank you in advance 🙂 and any tips you can give on everything as this will be my first bike and my first project , will be more than welcome .

  2. perfect bike. i like it. can you tell me please where you found the indicators? not under the tree i hope! lol.
    “I have found the rear indicators not bright enough in direct sunlight. Santa made a late delivery of these beauties! ”

      1. Found it. Thanks.
        Another question.
        Did you het all the things working on the speedo? I am looking for a speedo but can’t dicide which one.
        Is the gear indicator working? And the tank indicator. I found a wiring diagram, but does it work.

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