Paul Hutchison’s Custom Motorcycles

(Just don’t call them cafè racers)

This website showcases my custom motorcycle builds.

I only do mods that make a bike


Please scroll down to view the blogs I have written detailing the process of construction of my BMW K100 “Hornet“, my Kawasaki GPz 750 “Saki” and most recently my Suzuki DRZ400.

If you like them and have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Suzuki DRZ400

Need to scratch that Motard itch!

KTM 1290 SDR (III)

The best yet!

I had a significant birthday coming up and was discussing a gift with my wife. She asked me what my dream bike would be. I said I love my Superduke, and would just buy the latest gen 3 version…

Husqvarna SM 570R

The Urban Assault Vehicle…

KTM 1290 SDR (II)

A worthwhile upgrade from Gen 1

Kawasaki GPz750

Last week my cousin Lukas gifted me a Kawasaki GPZ750. It had a sump full of fuel. First we changed the oil, added some fuel and a new battery. It tried to start before covering the workshop floor with….

BMW K100

I, like many bikers, had the idea of one day doing a project bike. Every bike I’ve owned has been modified to my personal taste, this is my K1200R which was dead stock when I got it. I had talked about wanting to do a proper build for some time. My very supportive, beautiful wife asked me….

KTM 1290 SDR (I)

As much as I loved my BMW K1200R, it was a 2005 model with 50,000km on it. I wasn’t really looking to replace it, but having ridden a mates KTM 1290 Superduke R I was watching them on Bikesales. One popped up at a ridiculous price, so I bought it…


Yamaha XT600

I was not looking for another bike, but a bargain appeared on Facebook Marketplace. It was a XT600 almost completely dismantled for $420…