Paul Hutchison’s Custom Motorcycles

(Just don’t call them cafè racers)

This website showcases my custom motorcycle builds. Please scroll down to view the blogs I have written detailing the process of construction of my BMW K100 “Hornet” and my Kawasaki GPz 750 “Saki“. I only do mods that make a bike LIGHTER, FASTER, PRETTIER. If you like them and have any questions, feel free to contact me.


Kawasaki GPz750

Last week my cousin Lukas gifted me a Kawasaki GPZ750. It had a sump full of fuel. First we changed the oil, added some fuel and a new battery. It tried to start before covering the workshop floor with….








BMW K100


I, like many bikers, had the idea of one day doing a project bike. Every bike I’ve owned has been modified to my personal taste, this is my K1200R which was dead stock when I got it. I had talked about wanting to do a proper build for some time. My very supportive, beautiful wife asked me….

I’m considering off-loading the Hornet to make room for the next project. Drop me a message if interested.





BMW K1200R

Well the Hornet has been finished for several months now. I have bought a spare subframe for my K1200R, as I plan on turning it into….










“This time Paul has a bike that looks just as good as ‘Mach I’ but now has performance to match.”


Paul, I have spent so much time on your blog the last couple years, I feel as though I have done holiday at the Papa J Hotel. Fantastic work sir!


Mark DiSalvo


Click on any photo to start a full-sized slideshow… Feel free to leave comments 😉

Hornet Photos

Saki Photos


K1200R Photos