KTM 1290 Superduke R Gen 2

Definitely better than Gen 1

After deciding to sell the Gen 1 and the Yamaha to upgrade, I started shopping and found a good deal too good to pass up. So I bought it before selling either bike! Luckily they both sold fairly quickly at prices I was expecting.

The 2017 model came with the full Akropovic exhaust, which retails for around $4,000 in Australia. It had some other goodies, but I swapped a few bits from onl bike to new.

When it arrived.

I’ve put around 7,000km on this bike now. It is definitely an upgrade from a Gen 1. There is more power, delivered more smoothly. This is my first bike with cruise control. It makes big days on the bike much more relaxing, as you’re not spending a third of your time watching the speed. Australian police are brutal on speeding.

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