Husqvarna SM 570 R

Melbourne achieved the world record for the most locked down city in the world in 2021! Even when open, I was subjected to 14 day isolation at home after every international flight. That leaves a lot of time to browse Bikesales and Facebook marketplace. I was looking for a small project, ideally a Suzuki DRZ400 motard that needed work. This Husqvarna popped up on Bikesales.

2003 570SMR

Best thing about the bike is it was a one owner from new. It had been ridden on the road for a while, then stripped for track days and racing. It had been well cared for, with a recent engine rebuild, and many expensive upgrades.



  • Excel rims, 5” rear with W/Harn hub and wave rotor
  • TC cam
  • High comp piston
  • Keihin flat side carburettor
  • Brembo front calliper
  • Beringer front master cylinder
  • 320mm front disc
  • Bark busters

It also came with a lot of spares, and tyres.

The ride to our workshop
Dad loves a new project!

My plan is to get it back to road registered, have some fun, then hopefully sell for a profit. Impost of the work will be on the wiring harness to get the lights and indicators sorted. I’ll also fit a trailtech speedo.

Most of harness was ok, which saved a lot of work!
After a lot of research I went with Dunlop Mutants
Barkbuster make a cool LED indicator for their guards
Not much clearance on the 160 tyre. I’ve got to sort out a chain guard as it didn’t come with one.
Picked a cheap generic guard online. Just had to make a couple of mounting brackets.
An urban assault vehicle! Have a unregistered vehicle permit for 28 days. Still need a side stand. An original is impossible, nil stock.
I bought a generic stand, just had to fabricate a bump stop.

This thing is an absolute weapon. 115kg with 60hp. Goes like stink, vibrates like hell! Looking forward to getting on some tight backroads. Also will be using it for wheelies.

I advertised the bike before I got it registered. I only had the plates fitted for an hour before it was sold!

A good fun project with a tidy profit. Going to miss it though.

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